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Artwork Instructions

Raster Vs. Vector

Raster images are the most commonly used. Photographs and heavily shaded images are typically created as raster images as it allows for the smoothest blending of colors. 

Vector Art, however, is quite different. Rather than stacking pixels, vector images use shapes and lines to generate the graphic. Vector images have a limitless ability to be increased in size. This is especially great for Text-based designs and cartoon style images that have bold outlines and solid areas of color. Most logos and text are created using Vector Based artwork.

What is ‘Print-Ready’ Artwork?

Great question! Print-ready refers to the quality of the image you provide to us for screen printing. In order to prepare an image for screen printing we need to make sure that we got the best image quality to do so. Here are a few attributes to keep in mind.

  • Vector Art is the best! Common vector file types are .ai, .eps, .pdf
  • Photos or Raster Images should be full resolution (300dpi) and AT LEAST the size you’d like it printed. Common raster files are .psd, .jpeg, .tiff, .png, .pdf
  • All text in artwork files should in vector format and be outlined or converted to shapes unless you’re able to provide font files. 

What is the best artwork to send?

Ideally, we would like to get a vectored art file. This allows us to contrive the art to the correct art size. If you don't have the artwork vectored, we can vector it for you and supply you with a quote if there is a cost involved at the beginning of the project. 

Need help creating art?

Don't worry, we got you! You can submit a request a quote form for graphic design and we will supply an estimate for designs along with the process and timeline. Request a quote!


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